The Styled Shoot Project – Denver

As many of you know, I have been working this year on starting a new project – The Styled Shoot Project.  This was a concept I came up with mid-year in order to give photographers a chance to practice and build their skill, while also building their portfolios. When I started photography, I taught myself... Continue Reading →


Travel Tips & Tricks

Travel tips & tricks A lot of you have asked for a blog post focused around travel.  I do my fair share of travel and I have learned some things along the way, so why not share? I am not an expert by any means and in no way endorsed by anyone or anything.  I... Continue Reading →

Garrett Senior Photos

One of the most exciting photo shoots you can ever be on is one involving adventure.  Sure, a romantic photo shoot in an open field with little variety is also good, really good.  There are many advantages to those types of shoots.  But for me, as a photographer, I feel that I produce my best... Continue Reading →

Alyssa’s Senior Photos

I love a genuine, happy, down to earth person.  As photographers, we look for people who can one alive in our images.  I have found that people who are genuine, even if they are shy or reserved, are the most likely to make the images “pop”. Alyssa is the perfect example.  You can see her... Continue Reading →

Maddy’s Senior Photos

In Denver, the sunflowers are a big deal.  They come out for a few months a year, somewhere near the airport.  The exact location changes every year because sunflowers cannot be grown in the same field every year (I am not a sunflower scientist - this is just what I have been told). When Maddy’s... Continue Reading →

My Gear

One time my insurance agent told me he loved photographers because we kept such detailed notes about out equipment. I laughed, because it's true.  Any photographer I know absolutely LOVES their gear.  Whether it be their camera body (loyal to the end) or their favorite go-to lenses, or their camera strap, or their favorite CF... Continue Reading →

Mindy & Mason

Forgive me - I am decades behind on blogging my sessions. But the good news, is that we get to revisit some gorgeous photos a month after they happen ! Around the end of June, right before I left Las Vegas, I did a "photographer bucket list" photo session blitz.  There were 3 or 4... Continue Reading →

Cassie & Ellie

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you probably know that my dog is my best friend. She has been by my side for 10 ½ years and I can’t imagine a better sidekick in life. Somewhere in my photography career, I started doing photos of these 4-legged companions with their humans,... Continue Reading →

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